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5 Best Malls in Thailand


The ‘land of smiles,’ Thailand, embraces tourists from all over the world with open arms, ensuring they get the best experience. It offers the right atmosphere with natural beauty, finger-licking cuisines, and exhibits of rich culture, traditions, and great Thai massages, just to say the least.


It’s no wonder Thailand is an amazing hub for shopping. With tons of souvenirs, decor items, luxurious jewelry, and quality clothing, shopping in Thailand is an amazing way to explore the region. The region places great emphasis on quality service at shopping malls and five-star hotels.


Thai malls provide diverse products, from unknown casual brands to international haute couture. Popularly known for its excellence in infrastructure and logical arrangements of malls, Thai offers a worthwhile shopping experience. Let’s delve in and highlight the best malls in Thailand.


Five Amazing Shopping Malls in Thailand


  1. Icon Siam Shopping Mall


Icon Siam mall is relatively huge, with 500 shops and 100 restaurants, including 5-star hotels. This is why most people consider it the mother of all malls. Retail sellers are diverse, from casual brands like H&M and Thai designers to international haute couture-like Dior. All the six floors plus the ground floor are dedicated to the floating market. It's located along 299 Charoen Nakhon Road, Khlong Ton Sai, Khlong San, Bangkok 10600, Thailand. The mall has amazing features like a floating market, museum art gallery exhibitions, dine-in, and entertainment.


  1. Siam Paragon


Another excellent mall to keep an eye on is the Siam Paragon. Its layout takes the logical and compact route and is easily recognized as the best shopping center. The mall is popularly known as the pride of Bangkok, as it has various villas situated in the mall. Other features include; conventional halls, balling alleys, Thai art galleries and museums, and an international food court. It’s located along 991 Rama Street in Pathum Wan, Bangkok 10330, Thailand. Siam Paragon is among the largest malls in Thai with 250 shops and is a must-visit while in Bangkok.


  1. MBK Center


Stylishly designed, MBK center is the haven of all affordable things, nestling away in Phayathai Road, Bangkok. Expect a bargain galore and tons of exceptional services; it’s probably the only shopping mall that tests your bargaining skills. Any time you’re in Bangkok, you should never miss a chance of visiting this mall. It provides a myriad of services from dried tea and food powders that are handcrafted, to accessories. Moreover, its structure is unique, not the ordinary design seen in other malls.


  1. Limelight Avenue


Right at the center of Phuket is the Limelight Avenue, a luxury shopping mall with a variety of five-star hotels & restaurants, bars, boutiques, and other services. Definitely, a place to explore the region's culture; you’ll find music schools and shops in the vicinity. School-going children perform their musical craft for the audience to see. What makes it stand out are the stores with various commodities from toys, apparel, accessories, and handcrafted souvenirs. Apart from this, it has outlets that make shoppers beautiful, providing pedicures, manicures, an acrylic nail shop, and a spa. You’ll also find a pool situation at the escalators, making Limelight Avenue the best place to go shopping.


  1. Jungceylon Mall


Situated in Phuket, Thailand, Jungceylon mall has undoubtedly made strides to feel like a city in a city. It’s the perfect hideaway when it starts raining in Thai. Shoppers feel magical shopping there; you can sometimes feel like a kid not knowing where to start due to its diverse options of everything. You’ll find five-star hotels, souvenir shops, and supermarkets, among other attractions. Because of this, Jungceylon can easily be among the list of the best places to visit in Thailand. With its light and water show of the mall, shoppers can learn a thing or two about Thai as they shop from a collection of brands.


Final note!


Malls in Thailand bring a whole new experience for shoppers. They have everything in store; therefore, bring your wallets in full as they’re a bunch of items to buy. Next time you’re in Thailand, make a point of visiting these malls.

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