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Sport in Thailand | All You Need To Know


Thai sports can be divided into two distinct groups, which are traditional sports and modern sports. Both forms are very popular, and you will come across them all when you visit this beautiful country. If you stay at any of the luxury five-star hotels, their guides will help you find the best locations to enjoy Thai sports.


Here is a deeper look into the sports you can enjoy while in Thailand:


Traditional Sports


  1. Muay Thai


You cannot visit Thailand and fail to come across the sport that made the country famous throughout the world. With origins dating back centuries, this sport is so popular in the country that it has become known as Thai Boxing.


Another name for Muay Thai is "The art of eight limbs," because of the way fighters use many different body parts to fight. In Thailand, there are many places available to enjoy this amazing sport, sometimes even on the street!


  1. Kite Fighting


Another great traditional sport that is famous not only in Thailand but throughout Asia, is kite fighting. A lot of national tournaments are still held around the country to this day, and Thailand has some of the world’s best Kite fighters. While tourists find the sport simply entertaining, the locals actually take it very seriously.


  1. Boat Racing


With its origins in the ancient Thai Kingdoms, boat racing is still as popular today as it was back then. It is very similar to modern-day rowing, which would explain why Thailand does well in that Olympic sport version.


  1. Takro


The highly entertaining sport of takro is now an official Olympic sport, where it is known as takraw. However, it has been enjoyed in Thailand since ancient times. Very similar to volleyball, in takro players use their legs instead of their hands to hit the ball.


Modern Sport


  1. Golf


Surprisingly, one of the most popular modern sports in Thailand is golf! Ever since the sport was introduced to the country by the British, the people of Thailand have loved it. As a result, golf players from around the world love visiting Thailand because it has state-of-the-art golf courses all over the country.


  1. Football


Given the worldwide popularity of football, it is not surprising that this sport is also enjoyed in Thailand. Although not traditionally strong in the sport, Thailand has been investing a lot in football, and their national team is improving. You will be able to see many football stadiums scattered all around the nation.


  1. Tennis


Yet another sport that was introduced by the British, tennis is widely enjoyed throughout the country. It is most common among the wealthier citizens, but can also be found in poor neighborhoods. A few Thai tennis players have even played with the best players in the world at events like the Olympics.




Sports lovers will enjoy their visit to Thailand thanks to the wide range of sports the country has to offer. Even sports such as badminton, snooker, boxing, and bowling can all be found in the country. However, the main attraction is defiantly the amazing national sport of Muay Thai.


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